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infoDev ( is a research, capacity building and advisory services program, coordinated and served by an expert Secretariat hosted by the Financial and Private Sector Development Department of the World Bank Group. It helps developing countries and their international partners enable the start up and growth of innovative small and medium sized enterprises for inclusive economic growth and sustainable development. infoDev is a leader in business incubation of technology-enabled enterprises. infoDev‟s global business incubation network reaches 300+ business incubators, more than 20,000 small and medium enterprises, and has helped create over 230,000 jobs across 90+ developing countries.

infoDev has found that high quality leadership is a key factor determining the probability of success for an incubator. infoDev therefore seeks to increase the capacity of business incubation managers – and their stakeholders – through one-on-one technical assistance, regional and topical peer-to-peer networks, the bi-annual Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and its web-based networking and knowledge-sharing tool This training program was designed in direct response to repeated requests from infoDev‟s innovation and entrepreneurship community for an in-depth business incubation training program relevant to the developing country context.

This training program is the first-of-its-kind, drawing from the lessons, models, and examples in business incubation from across Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Middle East & North Africa, and South Asia. More than 30 experts contributed directly to the writing of the training modules, and the materials were tested with more than 300 professionals in developing countries all of whom provided inputs to the final design.

This training program is designed for business incubation managers and other business incubation stakeholders wishing to increase their understanding and know-how of the business incubation process. It consists of 12 training modules ranging from basic introductory topics designed for professionals new to business incubation, to specialized topics such as Technology Commercialization and Virtual Business Incubation Services.The offered training modules are as follows:


Module 1 – Business Incubation Definitions and Principles

Module 2 – Business Incubator Models, Including Success Factors


Module 3 – Planning a Business Incubator

Module 4 – Business Incubation Marketing and Stakeholder Management

Module 5 – Financing a Business Incubator

Module 6 – Managing the Business Incubator

Module 7 – Monitoring, Evaluating and Benchmarking Business Incubators


Module 8 – Implementing Mentoring as a Business Incubation Service

Module 9 – Deals and Financing for Incubator Clients

Module 10 – Technology Commercialization through Business Incubation

Module 11 – Setting Up Business Incubation Virtual Services

Module 12 – Agribusiness Incubation


For more information about the training modules and topics please visit the following link:

About the infoDev Business management Training


We are continuously registering the interested individuals and institutions through the following link:


Registration for the upcoming training programs


Also, this training program can be organized in any country in MENA region. for more information please visit the following link: (Guidelines for Organizing the BIM Training) or contact the network coordinator, Mr. Mohammad Allam , via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; via Telephone: +973 38322291 or  +973 39033212.

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